More vs Better

We are getting busy.

Normally, that's a good thing.  Businesses want to grow as much as possible and quickly as possible, right?  

Not us.

We are a family-run business: I do everything on the training side and McKyla does everything on the admin and management side. 

That means that every training program, nutrition program, classes, and sessions are all lead by me.  Things get busy fast.  

That's why we at Northwest Forge guard our time so much.

If we kept growing, that would mean having a sub-par personal training and fitness facility.  No thanks.  

Instead, we want to offer the best personal training possible.  That means staying small.

It also means that as of this blog post, we are only accepting 5 more clients for personal training.  

Beware: we have no shortcuts, hacks, fads, or tricks.  That's not us.

What you can expect: a plan built for you, by me.  I'll show you what to do, then I'll hold you accountable to do it.  After all, what are you here for?  (hint: I'm here to see you be successful)

"More" is overrated.  

"Better" is best.  

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