Fitness Classes

All fitness classes are limited to ten clients to ensure quality training.  Once the classes are full, they're full!  


Warrior Bootcamp

  • What - Get strong, lean, in shape, and tough.
    • Classic lifting focusing on the "big 7" lifts. (squat, bench, dead-lift, pull-ups, etc)
    • Increase conditioning through short and tough HIIT sessions.
    • Complete planning.  Stick with it and you'll surprise yourself.
    • Accountability.  Sign up and we'll be expecting you.
    • Limited to ten spots.
  • When - Monday through Friday 6-6:30AM

High-Noon HIIT (Women's Only!)

  • What - Get a 35 minute sweat on in a high-intensity interval training class.  
    • Burn fat effectively and efficiently.
    • Burn more calories in less time.
    • Programmed for the busy professional, parent, or anyone who wants to spend time doing things other than going to the gym after work.
    • Fun, good music, and positive!
    • Limited to ten spots.
  • When - Monday through Friday 12:15-12:50!

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