• We enforce a strict 48 hour cancellation policy.  
  • All cancellations must be in writing via email to McKyla.
  • If you cancel with more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled session, you can contact McKyla to have your session rescheduled.  
  • If you cancel with less than 48 hours to your session, your session is lost.

Your Session Times

  • Every session is 30 minutes.
  • Please show up no more than ten minutes prior to your session to warm up.
  • Please stay no more than ten minutes after your session to cool down and stretch.

Social Media

  • Social media is our second most powerful marketing tool.  
  • Progress photos can and will be posted on social media to show progress.  
  • We will have both the before and after photo together to show progress.
  • We reserve the right to take photos and video during training sessions and post to facebook, instagram, twitter, and youtube for marketing reasons.  
  • ALL media will be for marketing reasons only. 
  • If you wish to not be featured in media in any way, let us know.  


  • All clients need to give 24 hour advance notice for scheduling.  


  • Vacations need a 30 day notice in advance and in email to and
  • Vacation rates to save your time slot is half the normal rate.  
    • Example: if training at $144 per month and going on vacation for two weeks, 
      • Half month regular training - $72
      • Half month at half-rate for vacation - $36
      • Total is $108

Upgrading or downgrading training plans

  • Upgrading your training plan is immediate.  Just let us know when you want to go from 1 session per week to 2 or 3.  (provided that we have the open time slots)
  • Downgrading your training plan is trickier.  We require a 30 day notice in email to and for downgrading your plan.
    • This is to accommodate automatic payments, scheduling, and a few other factors.
    • We do not issue refunds, so your best option is to finish the current pay period and then stop.
    • If you wish to fully cancel your training, simply let us know and we will stop your next automatic payment.  


  • No refunds.